First Dinner: July 3rd: India


July 3rd marked the inaugural supperclub dinner of Plates and Records. It took place at Joann’s house filling up the kitchen and backyard with all that is spice and aromatic in Indian cuisine. We’ve cooked a many times together for friends in the past but it was exciting to cook as an official pack of food “authorities” sharing our amateur skills with all our beloved. Prep took a few meetings of brainstorming and menu planning and we assigned ourselves separate dishes to cook for the evening. Dinner time brought about 20 guests who sat in the backyard and were served each dish in a comforting family style environment. Our basic rule of BYO plates and records were not very strictly followed, but we let it pass, for now.



Coriander Chutney

Mango Rice

Eggplant Curry

Dry Okra Curry

Tandoori Chicken

Pomegranate Beef curry baked in yogurt and spices

Everyday Dal

Fresh Mangos

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