Brunch Edition

photo courtesy lauren silberman

Thank you everyone who came out to our Plates & Records comeback Brunch Edition. It was so awesome so see friends and new faces hang out at Joann’s backyard amidst an at times tumultuous wind factor breezing through. The food came out awesomer than we could’ve expected and we found it a miracle that the sun decided to pop out of the rain and clouds 15 minutes before brunch time.

photo courtesy lauren silberman

We will concur brunch is definitely less stressful than preparing dinners for a large crowd. Most of the items in the menu such as the kimchi omelette and french toast was made to order which cuts down on stressful prep time before the actual event. Ram was responsible for the phenomenal savory tart with caramelized onions (he used 18 onions for 2 tarts!), grueyere cheese, and roasted tomatoes. They were so amazingly savory and smooth. Joann made some wild berry scones the night before which were not too sweet but lather some guest star chef Georgie’s lemon curd and some raspberry preserves and you’ve got an orgasm in the mouth. We also loved spreading it out on the french toast Georgie graciously made (to order).

photo courtesy world to table

The kimchi omelette was a concoction Joann created that simply involves using kimchi butter (courtesy skimkim), eggs, kimchi (courtesy Mama O’s), chopped carrots, chopped soppresetta, and diced cheddar cheese. It is SO DAMN good, there’s an Umami Oh Mommy thing going on right as you taste the first bite. Oh, and you HAVE to top with with a dash of cock sauce (sriracha) and ketchup (the organic kind with not as much sugar).

photo courtesy world to table

The crowd seemed to love it, enjoying the outdoors and the sun, chatting and mingling, eating and bloating. We’ll have some recipes that you can find on the left sidebar shortly, til then we hop you can join us for the next supperclub get together, we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

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  1. looks yum yum

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