Durban Vice


Thank you EVERYBODY for attending the third Plates and Records Super Supperclub Dinner. It was a HUGE success despite  freak out sessions and long periods of stressed silence in the kitchen. All that hair-pulling nervousness was TOTALLY worth it, we were so happy to see you enjoying our food, rubbing them bellies and licking them lips in deep gratification.


About 20 guests gathered at Brooklyn Fire Proof in Bushwick on Saturday and mingled at the bar sipping capetown collins and munching on mini pies. The menu was South African and choosing dishes came naturally for Ram and Andrzej who lived them for numbers of years before transplanting to NY. Ram was in charge of the meat and veggie mini pies served for hor d’ oeuvres which were soft and tender, warm and chewy. Once everyone sat down along the wall they were served watermelon rocket, which simply consists of watermelon, rocket (arugula), and feta. It is the most amazing light and summer combination there is, certainly our favorite this season. The main course was derived of bunny chow, a Durban street food involving a loaf of bread functioning as a bowl housing a stream of chicken and vegetable curry. Andrzej poured his love and spice in this masterpiece chopping peppers, mixing spices, and stirring coconut milk without a glimpse of a recipe. The bunny chow was accompanied by braaied mielies in herbed butter and oh what fun it was to grill a tray of corn on the grill wrapped in butter and herbs. The morogo was also a simple and delectable dish, both fashioned by Joann, combining simmered ground nuts with spinach with a dash of salt and pepper.


The finale to the course was melktert, a recipe Joann was given to from Ram’s African Kitchen cookbook. The custard was thick and full of subtle flavor with a slight chewy texture and the star of the tart was vanilla. Whole vanilla beans were steeped, scraped, and stirred into the custard mix and lovingly poured into a feathery and delicate tart base.

Again, the three of us were slightly stressed and on the brink of multiple nervous breakdowns and sometimes we swear never to step into the kitchen again but it’s only during the dinners themselves, sharing our labor of love and gleaming at our guests’ satisfied grins that we concur, it’s TOTALLY worth it.



After the dinner our friends Fall of Another Year and Anxieteam graced us with some tunes in the outdoor alley. We rocked out, pumped our heads and feet, and laughed at all the silliness some of the songs instilled. Thank you for playing for Plates and Records!

Check out more picks on our flickr page. And if you’ve got any pictures from the evening, please add to our page!

Stay tuned for upcoming super supperclub meals.

On a side note, the dinner was covered by News Channel 12 Brooklyn. Exciting!


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