BBQ at India Street Mural Project


Last Saturday was the opening of the India Street Mural Project and we got to set up a manly grill and BBQ for a couple hundred visitors who came to enjoy the beautiful murals, awesome live music, and of course, delicious food. Joann helps with organization for North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition, a public art advocacy group whose first project was the mural and plans to continue beautifying the neighborhood with various projects.


After a pizza induced meeting and a daylong of shopping and prepping we arrived at the mural site with simple beef burgers and veggie burgers made from bulgar wheat, pinto beans, soy sauces and some spices. It was a condiment friendly BBQ stand where each burger was typically donned with perilla leaves and lettuce from our backyard, yogurt infused harissa paste and pickled ginger sauce to be dolloped atop each well rounded juicy burger. There were also your staple tomatoes, onions, cheese, ketchup, mustard, and relish in case you weren’t daring enough to exoticize the burgers with our very special sauces.


We were very proud of our combination of perilla leaves and harissa paste, whose cilantro-mint-ish rugged texture and roasted pepper and chili mash blended together with such a kick ass blow it caused some to yelp nearly inappropriate phrases of pleasure and contentment. We’re pretty sure this will be the start of a new burger trend.

We also made homemade lemonade infused with either mint or rosemary. We stood there hand squeezing 120 lemons and nearly broke our wrists off but it was such a delicious drink that we don’t mind laboring over them again.

Thank you to all our friends who came to support and flip a burger or two. Special thank you to punk ass sister Julie whose money counting and collecting skills are incomparably off the hook.


First Dinner: July 3rd: India


July 3rd marked the inaugural supperclub dinner of Plates and Records. It took place at Joann’s house filling up the kitchen and backyard with all that is spice and aromatic in Indian cuisine. We’ve cooked a many times together for friends in the past but it was exciting to cook as an official pack of food “authorities” sharing our amateur skills with all our beloved. Prep took a few meetings of brainstorming and menu planning and we assigned ourselves separate dishes to cook for the evening. Dinner time brought about 20 guests who sat in the backyard and were served each dish in a comforting family style environment. Our basic rule of BYO plates and records were not very strictly followed, but we let it pass, for now.



Coriander Chutney

Mango Rice

Eggplant Curry

Dry Okra Curry

Tandoori Chicken

Pomegranate Beef curry baked in yogurt and spices

Everyday Dal

Fresh Mangos

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